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Linda Murphy

Santa Fe Real Estate Broker

“Choosing the right agent to market your property will likely be one of the most important decisions you make when the time comes to list your property for sale. Interview three agents who are known to work in your immediate area, a residential ‘specialist’ per se. References from friends or relatives are fine, but nothing can replace or is as valuable as your own feelings about who you hire.”

Assisting Sellers

Before you Sell

It is equally important to do your due diligence as a Seller before you make the commitment to sell. I can assist you in determining market direction and general pricing strategies before you actually list. I often recommend that my Sellers watch the market carefully before listing. Through an auto email feature that I have available to me through our MLS system, I can provide you with instantaneous information providing a wealth of information to Sellers by enabling them to see what is happening around them regarding listings and sales in their area. Having an educated Seller is the best possible outcome to a successful listing process!

I am probably best known though for my keen ability to see what exists in a different light to help maximize a selling price. I think outside the box to showcase your home to its absolute best advantage. Sometimes this requires minor adjustments, such as staging, de-cluttering, moving pieces of furniture around etc., but other times some more major steps may need to be taken, such as moving the front of the house to the back (or at least visually). Over coming objections before your property hits the market is the absolute key to a successful sale! I would be delighted to meet with you and share my insights as to how I maximize a Seller’s net gain. Call or email me for a complimentary pre-market home evaluation and analysis.

Selling your home

With the right real estate broker as your partner you can leave the stress and strain to her. If you're selling and showing your home, you'll need to keep it in "show condition", but here are some tips that will help alleviate inconvenience:

1. Make sure that all clients requesting to see your home have been pre-qualified in this price range. It's up to your agent to make sure all buyers coming through are qualified buyers—eliminating many who aren't serious about purchasing.

2. Make sure clients coming through have the capability to write an offer without the contingency of the sale of another property they own. If their home is already "under contract" I recommend allowing them through; but if their home is simply on the market, you could be wasting your time.

3. Ask your agent to arrange for certain hours convenient to you for all showings.

4. Pricing is the key. You may have your home on the market for many months if your property is even 10% overpriced. Listen to your agent: we're the experts. It's fine to start a little high but after 30 days with normal showings and no offer, a price reduction is in order. Interview at least three agents who are top sellers in your particular area and get a feel for pricing from all three. You'll see a pattern emerging regarding a fair price.

5. Open houses serve as a way for potential buyers to preview the property easily and I advocate open houses, but do not require them of my sellers, depending upon the seller's wishes.

6. Make sure your home is posted on the web with much detail and many pictures. The web is the largest source of home sales other than MLS.

7. When interviewing agents as possible listing agents, ask about the marketing materials they use, aside from what the underlying company offers. Most top agents use their own advertising and promotional materials. I do a tremendous amount of advertising and mailing irrespective of what my company does. My listings are always highly visible on the web and in print media, along with my database mailings, here in Santa Fe and outside Santa Fe.

8. Make sure your home shows to its best advantage. You may need to stage your home with furniture. It's best to show the home as simply as possible without any clutter. Many things should be packed up before you start showing your home. Make your home look and feel comfortable, warm and cozy, not cold and sterile. Remember, most home sales are emotional!


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