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Linda Murphy

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Linda Murphy

Linda MurphyOriginally from California, she attended UCLA and studied clinical psychology although her passion has continued to revolve around real estate. She became a licensed Realtor after graduating from college, and sold real estate in Manhattan Beach California until she moved to Santa Fe where she became actively involved in listing and selling real estate in the local Santa Fe and surrounding areas. For the past two decades she has become conversant in all areas of real estate and brings a uniquely keen perception to her transactions, especially in her abilities to match clients with properties. Understanding her clients and what they want to accomplish in the shortest amount of time defines her work.

Work Philosophy

I’m an expert in my field. I don’t think you will find many that are more highly regarded or accomplished in their profession. I maintain my standing as a top producer and have garnered many awards over the years including: Top Producer, Star Agent, and Who's Who in Luxury Real Estate.

As a listing agent, I pride myself on my specific strategies to market and sell property. My marketing depicts property in its best light, speaking to the emotional quotient of client properties, as well as to their physical and architectural attributes and characteristics.

As a buyer’s agent, I bring a tremendous amount of real estate knowledge, not only regarding the marketplace and a buyer's place in it, but also pertaining to the rewards and risks of building a home versus buying a home, should a client desire to build or remodel. Having built and remodeled over 20 homes here and in California, my experience allows me to have a better command of the marketplace from a “building” perspective.

Investing in real estate can be challenging, but it is always rewarding when, and if you buy right. Buying right comes from working with a knowledgeable Broker who truly looks at the purchase as if it were their own. Statistically, clients sell every 3-5 years, so it is vital you buy right, don't overlook any obstacles to future resale and purchase for your particular strategic success. Continuing to work over two decades with a diverse clientele, I sell properties my experience tells me will ultimately be the right primary or investment real estate decisions for my clients.


It's more than likely you are looking for a specialized real estate agent to assist you in either buying or selling real estate—someone you'd like to partner with to accomplish your real estate goals—and I would like to thank you for the opportunity to present myself. I view each new client as a 'first' opportunity—always new and exciting in prospects for growth and success for us both. Getting to know my clients personally helps me match clients to properties. There is an emotional element to every home or property, and every setting. I work expertly at placing clients exactly where they want to be, and I can be counted on to make that process fun and enjoyable for you, and, most importantly profitable! My clients' testimonials speak eloquently for me, and I am happy for you to be in direct contact with these clients.

"I can’t thank you enough for your enormous expertise, savvy advice at the right time and for extending your good nature all along the way. How could we forget how you showed such good judgment by taking charge of the boundary issue and getting it resolved before the house was listed. More than anything I will remember your exceptional display of integrity which is so inspiring.

Look forward to seeing you next summer.

Best always,"
Julia and Richard Moe, Washington D.C.

"As an out-of-town buyer, it was important for me to make efficient use of my limited house hunting time in Santa Fe. Linda’s web site allowed me to enter criteria that eliminated all but the four to five homes that appeared to meet our needs.

"Having dealt with Realtors for more than 30 years, my wife and I were particularly impressed with Linda’s ability to understand what we were looking for and avoid wasting time looking at homes that did not meet expectations. Every home we looked at could have been a potential purchase for us. She did a great job of listening to our comments and refining the search to the point that we found our “dream home” after looking at only about 10 homes in a four-day period. We truly appreciate this unique quality of defining homes that would suit our personalities in such short order.

"We were impressed with her professionalism and that of her company and staff. This home buying experience was pleasant and not tiring or frustrating in any way. If you’re looking for a Realtor who will listen to your needs and help manifest them into your home buying experience, I recommend Linda with the greatest enthusiasm."
Ron and Kathy Disney, Dallas, Tx

"I've never been really impressed by the moniker 'real estate professional'...To me the word professional begs something or someone a bit more extraordinary: the ability to step inside the client, to share dreams, quirks and become the customer. Left so duly unimpressed, I've ended up very inclined to do the job myself: to scout out my own properties, to research my own demographics. This was my mindset, until I happened upon Linda Murphy. And now it occurs to me...if all agents could be like Linda, I'd call them all 'professionals.'"
Rick Starke, Atlanta, Georgia

"Linda murphy is the most effective realtor we've had for the many houses we've bought and sold in the last 15 years. From the very beginning she was realistic and positive; she had a good marketing plan and stuck to it. when we wanted to talk to her she was always available and understood every concern we had. With her great contacts and hard work, Linda got the results we wanted...sooner than we expected. It is a true pleasure working with her."
Bob and Pam Halbrook, La Tierra

"It is clear that Linda Murphy possesses keen insight into the current trends in the market. She works collaboratively with all involved parties to identify the product features that will match up with the target niche—utilizing professional marketing techniques to pursue that market aggressively."
Ray Gee, Siteworks Inc

"Recently, I decided that Santa Fe would be a great place to retire. My plan was to first buy land, pay for the land over the next few years, and then build a retirement home. The problems with the plan, however, were substantial: I live in Northern Virginia, I have never built a house and I knew nothing about Santa Fe real estate. Linda, fortunately, solved all of these problems. After a half hour chat, she understood what I wanted and then took me on a tour. While we drove, she shared her own experiences with building houses in Santa Fe, explained the process of buying land, and then showed me exactly what I was looking for. Later, Linda arranged for me to meet with the developer of La Mirada. After walking through some of the available lots, I bought the third one. In retrospect, I found working with Linda to be very efficient (important if you live on the east coast) and virtually stress-free. As for my new land, the views are amazing and I can't wait to move."
Dave and Nancy Patterson, Virginia


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